Hustle, for your soul

When I was fresh into my career, I wanted my career to grow. So very fast. I would work first thing in the morning. I would get to the office and work for 9 hours. I would come back home, spend some time with family and get back to work through the late hours of the night. Nobody ever asked me to. No responsibility from my offices expected me to work like that. But I wanted to prove a point, that I am good at what I do. I can learn and grow fast. I hustled. Day in and day out. Weekdays and weekends.

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As I grew in my career, I have wanted to slow down. I want to spend more time with my family. I want to spend time doing different things. I want to explore and be able to do that with space in my day to day life. I want to learn new sports, new hobbies, travel more. The ambition in me still grows. I still want to do a lot more. It still upsets me if I look like I’m doing less work. I want to be doing important work, work that matters. But at my own pace. More like a 9–5 pace, if I may.

Me, learning to differentiate good and poor rice in Khonoma, Nagaland, along with the local villagers

Five years later, today, the constant battle in my head is, if I want to have a work-life balance, am I becoming less ambitious? Am I not so goal and growth-oriented anymore? Do I need to be hustling all the time to grow into more important career roles? Do only “hustlers” make it in the fast-paced career world today?

Hustle intrinsically means — a constant state of activity — and simply that.

Hustle intrinsically means — a constant state of activity — and simply that. That activity can be work, personal development, pursuing hobbies, working out, doing chores, playing, socialising, travelling, whatever we like it to be.

Why then is it only associated with working professionally?

Maybe I still want to hustle. But hustle for different things, hustle for my soul. Find my purpose, find a meaning for whatever that I am doing. Keeping myself busy with constant learning from life is the hustle that my mind wants. I want busy days as much as rest and recuperate days. The busy days will teach me to play better, to manage time and money better, focus on cooking better, spend more time with family and friends, work on my physical and mental state of being.

Me, enjoying authentic Sikkimese food in North Sikkim

Success looks different to different people. The comparison is always you vs you — a thought that I now hold dear to my heart. It is the unlearning and relearning that should be most important.

It is consistent work over hard work.
It is the application of knowledge over learning.
And it is discipline over passion.

I want to hustle for my soul, whatever that may be.

For when I play better, I also work better.
So I live better.




I talk about irrelevant things could that interest you.

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Pavithra Pasupathi

Pavithra Pasupathi

I talk about irrelevant things could that interest you.

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